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What is Partial Hospitalization Addiction Treatment?

Choosing an addiction treatment program can be confusing, stressful, and overwhelming. For example, what is partial hospitalization addiction treatment? However, if your search for a program has pointed out that your best option is towar…

Understanding the Cycle of Addiction

Understanding the cycle of addiction is vital when using drugs, alcohol, or other substances and having no control. But, of course, no one intends to become addicted to a substance. Developing the urge to use and the cravings for the hig…

How Will I Know When I Hit Rock Bottom?

Most people think of hard times when someone says they have hit rock bottom. However, addiction can be the most challenging time of anyone’s life. In treatment terms, the addict has a moment of clarity when the realization happens …

What is Meth-Induced Psychosis?

Meth Methamphetamine, a stimulant most people have heard of in the news, is a dangerous drug to be addicted to. Meth can induce psychotic symptoms and produce hallucinations, delusions, paranoia, and aggressive behaviors when the effects…

What to Do if Your Loved One Leaves Rehab Early

Supporting a loved one struggling with addiction is challenging and sometimes painful. Watching the self-destruction that can occur with addiction is devastating. When the decision for treatment and hope reigns high, it can be excruciati…

What are the Stages of Addiction Recovery?

Addiction has a devastating impact on the lives of individuals and families. Treatment options offer hope for those with a substance use disorder. Addiction is a meaningful, life-changing process. Taking on addiction in stage, the stages…

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