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What Does Dual Diagnosis Treatment Include?

Those diagnosed with mental health and substance use disorder may be interested in dual diagnosis treatment. It is not uncommon for those with a substance use disorder to also be experiencing a co-occurring mental health disorder. Theref…

What Is Medically-Monitored Detox?

It is a fact that a medically-monitored detox program can be the safest and most comfortable form of detox program. In addition, medically-monitored detox offers the option of medication to lessen the intensity of withdrawal symptoms. Ho…

Employee Assistance Programs for Addiction

A surprising statistic from Harvard Health states over seventy percent of people with a substance use disorder are employed. Subsequently, employers can no longer ignore these numbers and the effects of employees working with decreased p…

Am I Enabling An Addicted Relative?

Those who are enabling an addicted relative think they are helping them and are not aware of the negative implication. Therefore, learning about enabling and how to support a loved one positively and helpfully is essential. In addition, …

Signs and Symptoms of Vicodin Abuse

Globally, Vicodin is the most widely abused drug. The abuse of Vicodin has multiplied four times over the past ten years, with an estimated two million people abusing the drug in the United States. Vicodin, a combo drug of hydrocodone an…

Is There a Connection Between Marijuana Use and Mental Health Disorders?

Currently, marijuana is legal in twenty states for medical reasons, and eight states have legalized marijuana for recreational use. The connection between marijuana and mental health disorders is currently being researched. There is not …

How to Pick the Right Rehab Center

Consulting with a physician or mental health professional may lend some insights into how to pick the right rehab center to meet patients’ individual needs. Treatment centers offer many options for detox, inpatient, outpatient, and…

The Benefits Of Residential Addiction Treatment

Residential addiction treatment is the best treatment for long-term addiction and is needed by someone with a severe dependency. Detox followed by residential addiction treatment has been proven successful and has less relapse potential….

Is There a Link Between Alcoholism and Depression?

The link between alcoholism and depression is clearly defined. The only question remaining is the individual factor of what illness came first. Did depression present such severe symptoms that the individual used alcohol as a coping mech…

Addiction’s Most Common Co-Occurring Conditions

Co-occurring conditions refer to experiencing a mental illness while locked in a substance use disorder. While many combinations are possible, some are more common than others. Therefore, when seeking treatment for a substance use disord…

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