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Opioid Overdose, Withdrawal and Treatment

An opioid overdose occurs when opioids adversely affect the part of the brain that controls respiration. This usually stems from addiction that requires detox. A dangerous and life-threatening symptom of an opioid overdose is problematic…

What is a Day in Rehab Like?

Deciding to make a healthy and positive life change by entering treatment for a substance use disorder can lead to a long list of questions and concerns. The initial step of undergoing detox can be frightening, with no understanding of t…

What Are Recovery Halfway Houses?

The goals of completing treatment may include transitioning from inpatient rehab to a halfway house or sober living facility. In some cases, moving in with family is not an option. There may be substances within the residence that could …

Treatment Centers for PTSD

Researchers find trauma is the common thread in the development of Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and substance use disorders. As a result, treatment centers for PTSD are addressing the needs of those with a dual diagnosis.  Dual …

Klonopin Addiction and Treatment

12Klonopin, the brand name drug for clonazepam, is a central nervous system depressant for the treatment of seizure and panic disorders, acute mania, insomnia, and irregular and uncontrollable face and body movements (tardive dyskinesia)…

How Does Alcohol Damage the Vital Organs?

When most people think about alcohol-related deaths, they think of drinking and driving. Unfortunately, alcoholism can increase the odds of developing cancer, committing suicide, and many adverse health outcomes. Drinking alcohol and org…

What is Meth Mouth?

Methamphetamine misuse can have devastating effects on overall health, but those abusing meth develop meth mouth, which can lead to many other dental health concerns. Additionally, methamphetamine is acidic and corrosive, which can trigg…

Most Commonly Abused Prescription Drugs

The most commonly abused prescription drugs treat legitimate treatment of chronic pain, illness, and mental health conditions. Unfortunately, many of the prescription drugs in medicine cabinets across the country are misused and abused, …

The Effects of Alcohol Abuse

Researchers have volumes of information concerning the effects of alcohol abuse, as it is the most common substance abuse in the United States today. Despite the illuminating data on the seriousness of alcohol abuse, the problem persists…

Stages of Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine is a highly addictive stimulant substance made from the coca plant. Illegal in the United States, the development of a cocaine addiction can depend upon the ingestion method. Cocaine can be snorted, ingested, or smoked as crack c…

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