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About Our Sober Living Homes

After treatment, individuals in early recovery still face many vulnerabilities as they learn to navigate life’s challenges in recovery. It takes time for the brain and body to completely heal and to safely apply new skills learned in treatment, like relapse prevention and overcoming triggers. Lack of a stable, healthy living environment can be a serious obstacle to maintaining recovery. Living among dysfunctional dynamics or around people who use and drink can undermine the recovery of even the most dedicated individuals, which is why Freeman Recovery offers sober living near Nashville, TN

At Freeman Recovery Center, we aim to provide safe, supportive communities to men and women who are recovering from addiction in our gender-specific sober living homes. Many of the individuals in our Sober Living program near Nashville have completed our treatment programs, such as detox or residential care, and choose to stay with us as they continue to grow and recover. We also accept individuals who have completed treatment at other facilities or who just need a safe, sober place to stay. Through the professional and peer support offered in our sober living near Nashville homes, individuals safely and comfortably gain a foundation for life-long recovery.

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Our Beautiful Sober Living Near Nashville, TN Homes include:

  • Safe, healthy, and supportive home environments for individuals to gradually transition into an independent sober life
  • Caring staff with professional and lived experience in recovery
  • Assistance obtaining stable employment
  • Training on workforce essentials and professional development skills
  • Life skill development, such as budgeting
  • Connection to the recovery community
  • Help coordinating 12-step meetings, individual therapy, and other individual needs
  • Transportation to recovery meetings, outpatient services, and work
  • Affordable room & board
  • Amenities like bed linens, towels, washcloths, etc.
  • 24/7 staff support
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