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At Freeman Recovery Center, we provide gender-specific sober living housing to men and women who need extra accountability as they work toward complete independence. Our sober living in Nashville, TN is comfortable and centrally located. Residents have access to a variety of amenities and services as they make a smooth transition from treatment back into day-to-day life.

Early recovery is a challenging time. For those new to a sober lifestyle, having access to adequate support often means the difference between continued sobriety and possible relapse. The environment a person lives in following treatment plays an important role. Many people choose to transition from inpatient treatment into a sober living home, where they will live until they feel ready to transition back into fully independent living. 

Sober living homes, also called sober homes and halfway houses, are substance-free residences specifically designed for individuals who are new to addiction recovery. Residents of sober homes must maintain complete abstinence from drugs and alcohol. Encouraged to participate in a range of recovery-friendly activities, residents are usually required to work, attend school, or volunteer. Sober home residents have access to the support and guidance of staff members, who help them navigate this potentially difficult transition.

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What are Sober Living Homes?

Once a person has completed a multi-staged addiction treatment program, they are faced with a decision. Do they return home following treatment, or move into a sober living home? Sober living homes provide a safe and structured living environment for people who are new to a recovery-based lifestyle. Abstinence is required, and additional support and accountability are provided by staff members. 

When moving into a sober living environment, a resident can expect:

  • To participate in daily chores and to keep personal belongings organized and personal space neat and clean. 
  • To participate in a 12-step program of their choice, like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous.
  • To work full or part-time, go to school, or volunteer regularly. 
  • To maintain total abstinence from all mood and mind-altering drugs.
  • To be respectful of their housemates. 
  • To participate in drug testing whenever necessary. 

Sober living is an ideal option for individuals who have just completed inpatient rehab and need additional support as they navigate a sober lifestyle. 

How Do I Know Sober Living in Nashville, TN Right For Me?

A sober living home is not an ideal option for everyone. Whereas, some people choose to return home following treatment. They might have a job to return to, dependents to take care of, or a supportive living environment. However, most people benefit from transitioning directly into a sober living home following inpatient rehab. 

Sober living is a good idea for anyone who:

  • Has recently completed medical detoxification and inpatient treatment and is participating in a follow-up level of care
  • Attended treatment out-of-state and would like to remain in Nashville, Tennessee
  • Was living in a household with people who were actively drinking or using drugs
  • Lacks the familial support necessary to maintain sobriety while living at home 
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Benefits of Sober Living Programs for Addiction in Nashville, TN

Nashville sober living homes provide residents with a seamless transition back into independent living. Benefits of sober living include: 

  • Structure — Studies show that a structured schedule is beneficial for those who are new to sobriety. Residents follow a structured routine, which often includes household chores, a morning meditation practice, daily 12-Step meeting attendance, and a curfew. 
  • A Built-In Support System — A person’s success in early sobriety is largely contingent upon their support network. Sober living homes provide a built-in support network. Residents live among peers who are in a similar position, allowing them to form meaningful and lasting bonds. 
  • Reliable Transportation — It is not uncommon for people who are new to recovery to lack reliable transportation. In many cases, sober living homes provide transportation to and from 12-Step meetings, doctor’s appointments, and other important engagements.  
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Nashville Sober Living with Freeman Recovery Center in Tennessee

At Freeman Recovery Center, we believe that sober living in Nashville, TN is about more than providing a safe transition from treatment back into independent living. We believe in laying a stable foundation on which our residents will continue to build happy and productive lives. We continue teaching the life skills we begin to impart in treatment. Some of the life skills we help our residents develop include:

  • Vocational Training — We help our clients build out their resumes, teach them how to apply for recovery-friendly careers, and aid in figuring out reliable transportation to and from their place of employment.  
  • Educational Placement — If a resident is interested in continuing their education, we will help them get started. 
  • Communication Skills — Living with other residents presents a great opportunity to practice healthy communication and boundary-setting. 
  • Conflict Resolution — If a conflict arises among two or more residents, we help them resolve their issues using healthy communication and de-escalation techniques. Conflict resolution plays an important role in relapse prevention training. 

How Much Does Sober Living in Nashville, TN Cost?

The cost of sober living varies based on length of stay and several other factors. The sober living home works with residents to develop a payment plan that works for them. The cost of sober living also depends on the amenities. Some sober living homes offer private bedrooms and a range of additional advantages, which might contribute to the cost. 

What Are the Rules of Sober Living?

At Freeman Recovery Center we provide newly sober individuals with the structure they need to thrive. Reputable Nashville sober living homes implement a set of rules for residents to follow. We enforce the following guidelines:

  • Total abstinence must be maintained. If substance use is suspected, a drug test is administered. 
  • Residents must respect their peers and the property of their peers. 
  • Residents must wake up by a certain time every morning and abide by a curfew in the evenings. 
  • Residents must actively pursue continued recovery, whether that looks like outpatient treatment or daily attendance at 12-step meetings. 
Women having a conversation in the kitchen during sober living in Nashville, TN.

Break Free From Addiction at our Sober Living Center Near Nashville, TN

If you or someone you love is looking for an outpatient sober living in Nashville, TN, Freeman Recovery Center is available to help. We focus on the comfort of our residents, providing them with unmatched amenities in a recovery-rich location. We believe that with the right tools in place, anyone can achieve long-term sobriety.

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