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At Freeman Recovery Center, we provide safe, supportive communities to men and women recovering from addiction in our gender-specific sober living houses. Read on to learn more about effective sober living near Nashville, Tennessee.

What is Sober Living?

Immediately following treatment, those in early recovery can still face threats to their sobriety as they navigate everyday life. After all, it takes time for the brain and body to heal and apply the skills that were learned in treatment.

For some, returning to the environment or lifestyle that led them to use alcohol or drugs in the first place is a bad idea. The lack of a stable, healthy environment can present an obstacle in the journey toward recovery. The purpose of sober living near Nashville, Tennessee is to clear that obstacle.

Sober living houses (SLHs) help people transition from inpatient rehab to returning to their everyday lives. They also bridge the gap by providing necessary structure and support while allowing residents to regain their independence slowly rather than all at once.

Sober Living Houses Vs. Halfway Houses

People often confuse sober living houses with halfway houses, but important differences exist between the two. First, SLHs are typically run by treatment facilities, like those run by Freeman Recovery Center. Halfway houses, on the other hand, are usually government-run and government-funded.

Also, SLHs are more likely to bring in residents who are “stepping down” from a treatment program, which is less the case with residents of halfway houses. In addition, SLHs tend to be more structured, with house rules and curfews and the like, than halfway houses. Lastly, SLHs usually offer professional counseling or other types of support, while halfway houses usually do not.

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What to Look for in a Sober Living Program

When shopping for sober living programs, it’s wise to keep in mind that their main purpose is to provide a healthy transition to independent living. Therefore, some of the qualities of an SLH one might look for include:

  • Structure. The more structured an environment is, the smaller the danger of relapse. A daily routine, specific rules and regulations designed to avoid relapse, like mandated curfews, are all good.
  • Strong safety measures. Ask about technologies and measures the SLH uses to ensure the safety of residents. Also ask about the surrounding neighborhood.
  • A strong support system. Pay attention to how residents and staff behave toward one another. Is there a sense of camaraderie? Are staff members open to the needs of residents? A strong support system is vital to maintaining one’s sobriety at this still-early stage.
  • Transportation options. From home to work, meetings to possible court dates, transportation plays a key role in the daily lives of those living in a SLH. key factor. If the SLH under consideration does not offer its own transportation options, check out the local public transit scene.

Nashville Sober Living with Freeman Recovery Center

Of course, one’s sober living experience can depend a lot on the features and amenities of the residence. Freeman Recovery Center’s gender-specific sober living near Nashville, Tennessee includes:

  • Safe, healthy, and supportive home environments for individuals to gradually transition to total independence
  • Caring staff with both professional and lived experience in recovery
  • Assistance finding and obtaining stable employment
  • Training on workforce essentials and professional development skills
  • Life skills development, such as budgeting
  • Connection to the recovery community
  • Assistance coordinating 12-Step meetings, therapy sessions, and other individual needs
  • Transportation to meetings, outpatient services, and work
  • Affordable room and board
  • Amenities like bed linens, towels, and washcloths
  • 24-7 staff support
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What Are the Rules of Sober Living?

As the name implies, the first rule of sober living is that residents remain sober at all times. If someone is discovered using drugs or alcohol while residing in an SLH, the likelihood that they will be asked to leave is high.

Aside from staying sober, most SLHs adhere to a few basic rules, including:

  • A curfew
  • Respect for fellow residents and staff
  • Participation in activities such as support meetings and household chores
  • No overnight guests
  • Participation in random drug and alcohol tests

Policies regarding things like pets and cellphone use tend to vary from house to house. Some SLHs allow pets and cellphones so long as they do not disturb other residents, while others prohibit them because they may be “triggers” leading to someone’s relapse.

What is Sober Living in Tennessee Like?

In sober living, residents are expected to live by a set of strict rules. These rules start with total abstinence from drugs and alcohol. Residents of SLHs are also expected to attend house meetings, carry out household chores, and turn in by a certain time each night.

Mornings at a SLH often start with daily chores, like making the bed or helping serve breakfast. Afterwards, residents are often expected to attend a house meeting or a therapy session outside at a drug rehab facility or outpatient clinic.

Later, residents can help with chores around the house or take part in some form of community service. (Those who have employment or school duties will adhere to them as scheduled.) Near the end of the day, the residents of many SLHs sit down for an evening meal and may even participate in a support group session. Nights are often “free time” for calling family and friends or watching TV.

Gender-Specific Sober Living Near Nashville

People new to recovery often feel tentative speaking of their feelings around others. In such cases, gender-specific SLHs can help.

Some women in addiction recovery have endured trauma at the hands of men: sexual assault, physical violence, and emotional abuse. While the men in their recovery programs might pose no threat, women in trauma therapy may still feel uncomfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings with them. This insecurity could result in relapse.

By the same measure, many men in addiction recovery might not feel comfortable appearing vulnerable in front of women. Our gender-specific SLHs prevent distractions among genders.

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Find Sober Living Near Nashville, TN

If you are looking to stay in an SLH, Freeman Recovery Center in Middle Tennessee offers an excellent choice. Our professional programs and staff can help residents continue their recovery journey in safety and comfort.

Contact us to hear more about the benefits of our sober living programs near Nashville, Tennessee.

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