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Navigating the path to recovery from drug or alcohol addiction can be a challenging journey. It’s a road often marked by setbacks, but it’s also one that leads to profound transformation and renewed hope. For those seeking quality rehab in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, Freeman Recovery Center is nearby. They are committed to helping individuals overcome their addictions through safe and effective treatment strategies.

About Mount Juliet, Tennessee

Nestled along the banks of the scenic Percy Priest Lake, Mount Juliet, Tennessee, is a vibrant and growing community known for its picturesque landscapes and small-town charm. With a population of approximately 35,000 residents, Mount Juliet offers a perfect blend of modern conveniences and Southern hospitality.

Named after the renowned Mount Juliet estate in County Kilkenny, Ireland, the town boasts a rich history dating back to the early 1800s. Today, Mount Juliet is a thriving suburb of Nashville, offering a peaceful retreat from the city while still providing easy access to all the amenities of a major metropolitan area.

In addition to its natural beauty, Mount Juliet boasts a strong sense of community, with a range of local events and festivals that bring residents together throughout the year. The town’s bustling shopping and dining scene, coupled with its excellent schools and safe neighborhoods, make it an ideal place to live and raise a family.

Substance Abuse Trends in Mount Juliet and Wilson County

While the city’s landscape is filled with picturesque views and tight-knit communities, it’s not immune to the nationwide epidemic of drug addiction. The scourge of substance abuse has seeped into the tranquil life of this town just like it has in other parts of the country. Data from the Tennessee Department of Health shows Wilson County reported 63 overdose deaths in 2021.

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Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs Near Mount Juliet, TN

Just a stone’s throw from the heart of Mount Juliet, you’ll find the Freeman Recovery Center. It’s a place where those struggling with addiction can take their first steps towards recovery in a supportive environment. With an array of programs and treatment services tailored to individual needs, they’re committed to helping people reclaim their lives from the grips of substance abuse.

Freeman Recovery Center Programs

At the core of its mission, Freeman Recovery Center offers comprehensive rehab programs designed for diverse needs. These programs are holistic in nature and encompass not just physical health but also mental well-being. They understand that every person’s journey with addiction is unique. That’s why they’ve developed programs that cater to multiple levels of care including:

Medical Detox: Often, the first step of the recovery journey is a 24/7 monitored medical detox to remove drug and alcohol toxins from the body safely. Any complications are addressed by trained medical staff.

Residential Treatment: Here clients reside at the facility while receiving round-the-clock medical support and therapy.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP): This program is ideal for those requiring intensive treatment but also need to maintain some daily responsibilities.

Intensive Outpatient Program: They offer flexible scheduling for individuals who need ongoing support while transitioning back into everyday life. 

Sober Living: Our sober living offers a balanced, supportive setting following formal treatment. Here, clients steadily reclaim their independence, supported by a community that understands and shares their journey.

Freeman Recovery Center Addiction Treatment Services

Freeman Recovery doesn’t stop at providing top-notch rehab near Mount Juliet. They also emphasize quality addiction treatment services. Whether it’s drug or alcohol-related dependencies, they employ evidence-based therapies coupled with experiential and holistic therapeutic activities like yoga and art therapy.

Their team comprises experienced professionals skilled in delivering personalized treatments such as:

The center believes in treating not just symptoms but also addressing underlying issues leading to addiction.

Our Facility and Amenities

Amenities help create a healing and safe atmosphere at our rehab near Mount Juliet. Nestled amidst serene surroundings, our center provides a tranquil environment that fosters recovery. It features comfortable accommodations, well-appointed therapy rooms, and recreational facilities.

Furthermore, clients enjoy nutritious meals prepared by our culinary team to nourish not just the body but also the soul. The facility provides an atmosphere of home away from home where individuals can focus solely on their journey toward sobriety.

Freeman Recovery Center is more than just a rehab near Mount Juliet. It’s a sanctuary where healing begins and continues long after clients leave its doors.

therapy session at rehab near Mount Juliet

Mount Juliet and Tennessee’s Response to Substance Abuse Addiction

In response to this growing crisis, local authorities are making concentrated efforts to combat substance abuse. They’re fostering partnerships with organizations dedicated to creating drug-free communities and providing resources for those battling addiction.

One such organization is Freeman Recovery Center – a rehab near Mount Juliet committed to offering comprehensive recovery services tailored specifically toward individuals’ needs. With their professional team at work, their mission is to bring change at both individual and community levels by promoting sober living.

Tennessee’s government recognizes the opioid crisis is affecting the state. They have put a hotline into effect for those with an opioid addiction problem to seek guidance and help through Redline. This hotline is always available to seek information concerning rehab in Columbia, TN. Substance use coalitions are increasing education and prevention programs for opioid prescription usage. The Regional Overdose Prevention Specialists (ROPS) program is responsible for training and education for distributing naloxone and has prevented forty-four thousand opioid overdose deaths. 

As well as providing resources for rehab in Columbia, TN, drug take-back boxes are in use, and the Tennessee Recover App is available to find help with addiction treatment. 

Attacking the opioid and other substance use problems in Tennessee, over twenty-two thousand middle and high school students participate in drug education and prevention programs. The state of Tennessee is also instituting grants for substance abuse treatment.

More Drug and Alcohol Addiction Resources Near Mount Juliet, TN

These resources in Mount Juliet, the county, and the state exhibit how initiatives have embraced the fight against substance abuse head-on. Accordingly, they provide much-needed assistance both at an individual and family level. The next step is to reach out, ask for help, and embrace the journey towards recovery.

Tennessee Dept. of Human Services

The Tennessee Department of Human Services (TDHS) assists residents by providing a range of essential services to improve their well-being and quality of life. This includes support for families, such as food assistance, child care, child support, and programs for the elderly and disabled. Through its initiatives, TDHS strives to strengthen families, foster self-sufficiency, and support vulnerable populations in the state.

Recovery Support Services 

The Addiction Recovery Program (ARP) provides various services to Tennessee residents aged 18 and older facing substance abuse issues. Eligibility is determined by a formal assessment and the individual’s adherence to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service’s federal poverty guidelines. Available services include recovery assessment, drug testing, spiritual support, transitional housing, employment training, and wellness programs, among others.

Tennessee REDLINE (1-800-889-9789)

Individuals who are seeking services for themselves or someone else can call the REDLINE to receive information about available resources, such as treatment programs, counseling services, and support groups, in their area or throughout Tennessee. It serves as a link between those who need addiction services and those who provide them.

Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

For Tennesseans, TDMHSAS is a critical resource for accessing care, finding information about mental health and substance abuse issues, and connecting with local services.

Everyone’s Wilson 

Everyone’s Wilson brings together a mix of community resources into one easy-to-navigate platform. These include food assistance programs, housing aid agencies, and medical services. These essentials could be crucial for someone in recovery trying to rebuild their life.

DrugFree WilCo

A united front of community members, professionals, and local organizations dedicated to reducing drug misuse and addiction in both youths and adults. Their approach hinges on education, encouraging open communication, and raising awareness of available resources to combat substance abuse.

group therapy during rehab near Bristol, TN

Support Groups for Individuals and Families Affected by Addiction

Support groups play an integral role in the recovery process for both individuals struggling with addiction and the families impacted by their loved one’s struggles. These groups provide a safe space to share experiences, offer and receive support, and learn coping mechanisms. Here are some notable support groups for both individuals and families affected by addiction:

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

Perhaps the most recognized support group worldwide, AA is for individuals recovering from alcohol addiction. Participants follow the 12-step program, emphasizing personal responsibility and spiritual growth.

Narcotics Anonymous (NA)

Similar to AA but designed for individuals recovering from drug addiction. NA also follows a 12-step approach.

SMART Recovery

Standing for Self-Management and Recovery Training, SMART Recovery is an alternative to 12-step programs. It focuses on self-reliance and uses a 4-Point program emphasizing building motivation, coping with urges, problem-solving, and lifestyle balance.

Al-Anon and Alateen

Al-Anon provides support for families and friends of alcoholics, helping them cope with the challenges of their loved one’s addiction. Alateen is a part of the Al-Anon fellowship and is tailored for teenagers affected by another’s alcoholism.


Nar-Anon is similar to Al-Anon but designed for the loved ones of individuals struggling with drug addiction.

Parents Of Addicted Loved-ones (PAL)

PAL provides hope and support through addiction education for parents dealing with drug and alcohol addiction in their children.

Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA)

ACA is for individuals who grew up in alcoholic or dysfunctional households. It helps them recognize and heal from the traumas of their childhoods.

Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered, 12-step recovery program for various hurts, habits, and hang-ups, including addiction.

Recovery – Through Christ

a faith-based initiative that recognizes the transformative power of faith in the healing and recovery process. This program provides individuals battling addiction with spiritual tools and community support.

Recovery Dharma

Uses Buddhist practices and principles to support individuals in their recovery journey from all types of addiction.

Codependents Anonymous (CoDA)

Codependents Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women whose common purpose is to develop healthy relationships. It’s especially beneficial for those who’ve developed codependent behaviors while dealing with a loved one’s addiction.

Remember, while support groups offer valuable camaraderie and understanding, they often work best in conjunction with professional therapy and treatment. Everyone’s journey is unique, so it’s essential to find the resources and supports that resonate most with one’s personal experiences and needs.

peer recovery group meets in Tennessee

Insurance Coverage for Rehab in Mount Juliet, Tennessee

In the fight against drug and alcohol addiction, one’s financial situation often plays a crucial role. Navigating health insurance benefits can feel overwhelming at times. However, with a bit of knowledge about key providers, it becomes significantly easier. Moreover, it’s essential to understand insurance coverage when planning rehab in Mount Juliet, TN. Several leading insurance providers offer significant support.

  • Aetna: With its broad network of medical professionals and facilities across the country including the Mount Juliet Tennessee area—Aetna offers a range of policies that cover substance abuse treatment services.
  • Ambetter: Known for its affordable plans and comprehensive coverage options—Ambetter is another provider that covers rehab services under behavioral health benefits.
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS): As one of the largest insurers nationwide—BCBS provides various plans that include coverage for drug and alcohol rehabilitation services.
  • Carelon: Though smaller than some other providers – Carelon should not be overlooked as they offer robust mental health and substance abuse treatment coverage under most plans.
  • Cigna: Cigna’s global reach extends to Mount Juliet as well providing residents with access to flexible policies covering both outpatient and inpatient rehab services.
  • Humana: Humana’s wide array of plans means there’s likely something suitable for everyone – many of which include generous provisions for addiction recovery treatments.
  • TRICARE: For military personnel and their families based in or around the Mount Juliet area- TRICARE ensures that help is always within reach by covering various rehab programs.

    Each insurer’s plan differs slightly so it’s worth taking the time to understand specifics of individual coverage. Also, remember to check directly with the rehab center of choice, to ensure they accept the insurance provider and plan. By understanding insurance coverage individuals are one step closer to accessing the critical support needed on the road to recovery.

    Freeman Recovery Center: A Premier Rehab Near Mount Juliet, TN

    Struggling with addiction can feel like a solitary journey. However, it’s important to remember that help is not far away. For those in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, the Freeman Recovery Center offers an oasis of recovery and renewal. We are known for our highly effective treatment programs and supportive environment. By providing a safe space where individuals can address their substance use disorders head-on, we help foster lasting recovery and positive change.

    Contact us today to learn more about our approach to addiction treatment.

    What We Treat

    Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Nashville TN can change a person's life for the better.

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    Our dual diagnosis treatment centers near Nashville, TN, can help provide relief for dual diagnosis symptoms. Additionally, we screen for dual diagnosis to ensure that no patient goes undiagnosed.
    Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in Nashville TN can provide relief to addiction symptoms.

    Alcohol Addiction

    Alcohol addiction can put a person on the pathway to destruction. With our alcohol detox and various treatment modalities, Freeman Recovery can provide relief to those struggling with alcohol dependency.
    Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in Nashville TN can provide lasting relief to drug addiction symptoms.

    Drug Addiction

    Drug addiction can turn a person’s world upside down. Freeman Recovery is proud to provide a number of detox options for those struggling with dependency. Additionally, our inpatient and outpatient options provide further support to those who need it most.
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