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For anyone struggling with addiction, seeking help is the first and most important step to recovery. Fortunately, there are many resources available to those who need it. Those who are ready to begin addiction treatment services can find relief at our rehab near Collierville, TN through Freeman Recovery Center. 

We offer comprehensive care by experienced professionals in a safe and supportive environment. Whether it’s detoxification services, inpatient or outpatient programs, Freeman Recovery Center provides quality care with lasting results for individuals on the path to long-term sobriety.

About Collierville, Tennessee

Collierville has a population of 51,343 and is located in Shelby County, Tennessee. The town is situated just outside of Memphis.  Collierville offers small-town charm, modern amenities, and a proud historical heritage. With beautiful landscapes, a vibrant community, and a strong economy, it has become a popular place to live, work, and visit.

The town’s Main Street is lined with beautifully preserved 19th-century buildings, which adds to its nostalgic charm. Visitors can explore a variety of local shops, boutiques, restaurants, and art galleries. The city also hosts many events and festivals, such as the Main Street Collierville Fair.

Collierville is also known for its excellent school system. It ranks consistently ranks among the best in the state. Families are drawn to Collierville for its safe neighborhoods and schools with opportunities for children to thrive.

Collierville has a thriving economy and business community. The town has seen a lot of growth in recent years. The area has attracted a variety of industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and technology. Accordingly, being near Memphis makes Collierville an appealing location for entrepreneurs and companies looking to establish or expand their businesses.

In conclusion, Collierville, Tennessee, is a flourishing and welcoming town with a rich history and modern developments. Collierville continues to attract individuals and families who value a high quality of life in a small community.

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Collierville, TN Dual Diagnosis and Substance Addiction Rehab

Freeman Recovery Center near Collierville is a renowned rehab that provides both addiction and dual diagnosis treatment programs and therapies. With a strong emphasis on personalized treatment plans and evidence-based approaches, we offer comprehensive services to help individuals overcome substance abuse and mental health disorders.

One of the key features of the Freeman Recovery Center is our addiction treatment programs. Recognizing that each person’s journey is unique, we tailor our programs to meet the needs of each client. Each program begins with a thorough assessment and evaluation process to understand the extent of the addiction and any co-occurring mental health conditions. 

Once the assessment is complete, a personalized treatment plan is developed, taking into account the individual’s physical, emotional, and psychological well-being. We meet clients wherever they are on their recovery path. Our programs include:

Additionally, we offer a range of evidence-based therapies, including individual counseling, group therapy, and trauma therapy. These therapies help address the root causes of addiction, provide emotional support, and teach essential coping skills for relapse prevention. Dual diagnosis treatment is also an important aspect of Freeman Recovery Center’s programs. 

Many individuals struggling with addiction also face co-occurring mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). We believe in the intricate relationship between addiction and mental health. Therefore, we deliver integrated treatment to address both issues simultaneously.

Overall, Freeman Recovery Center is dedicated to providing compassionate, evidence-based addiction and dual diagnosis treatment and therapy. With a multidisciplinary team of professionals, we strive to empower individuals to overcome their struggles, develop healthy coping skills, and achieve a fulfilling life in recovery.

Collierville rehab and addiction treatment through Freeman Recovery Center.

Substance Abuse Statistics in Collierville, TN

Substance abuse affects communities across the United States, including Collierville, Tennessee. As a growing suburb of Memphis, Collierville has not been immune to the nationwide drug epidemic. Like other parts of Tennessee, prescription drug abuse has been a significant concern. 

The state has a high rate of overdose deaths and has taken various measures to address the issue. Opioids, such as prescription painkillers and heroin, have been a significant threat to public health, leading to addiction and fatalities. Consequently, Shelby County reported 549 overdose deaths in 2021.

Furthermore, alcohol abuse is prevalent in Collierville and the surrounding areas. Alcohol is legal and widely available, contributing to its misuse and the potential for addiction. Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to health problems, impaired judgment, and an increased risk of accidents and injuries.

Collierville and Shelby County have implemented prevention, treatment, and recovery programs to combat substance abuse. The goal is to raise awareness about the dangers of substance abuse, provide better access to treatment services, and support individuals in recovery. Local organizations, healthcare providers, and community groups collaborate to address substance abuse issues.

How Shelby County has Responded to Substance Abuse and Addiction

Communities are responding to substance abuse through prevention, treatment, and recovery initiatives. Here are some common strategies that Shelby County employs:

Education and Prevention: Local authorities and organizations create public awareness campaigns to educate residents about the dangers of substance abuse. These movements focus on schools, community centers, and other public spaces. Moreover, they provide information about the risks of drug and alcohol use. Prevention efforts may also involve partnering with schools to develop age-appropriate substance abuse prevention programs.

Treatment and Rehabilitation: They work to increase access to substance abuse treatment services such as medical detoxification, counseling, and rehabilitation programs. These services may be available through public healthcare providers, nonprofit organizations, or private treatment centers. The goal is to support individuals struggling with substance abuse and help them recover.

Support Groups and Peer Recovery: Support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) help individuals avoid relapse and maintain their recovery. These groups provide a supportive environment where individuals can share their experiences and receive guidance from peers with similar challenges.

Law Enforcement and Legal Measures: Local law enforcement agencies collaborate with other contributors to address substance abuse issues. This may involve cracking down on illicit drug trafficking, monitoring and shutting down illegal drug operations, and enforcing laws related to substance abuse.

Community Partnerships: Communities often collaborate with government agencies, healthcare providers, nonprofit organizations, schools, and community groups. These partnerships help ensure a coordinated response to substance abuse. They may involve sharing resources, information, and expertise to support prevention, treatment, and recovery efforts.

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Recovery Treatment Resources Near Collierville, Tennessee

Cocaine and Alcohol Awareness Program, Inc. (CAAP, Inc)

CAAP, Inc. is a non-profit program that provides counseling services to individuals suffering from drug and alcohol abuse and other behavioral health, mental health, and co-occurring disorders. The program is designed to help individuals overcome substance abuse and other self-defeating behaviors. CAAP, Inc. provides treatment for adults and also offers support services such as housing to help clients stay sober and improve their quality of life.

Tennessee REDLINE (Call or Text 800-889-9789)

The Tennessee REDLINE is an invaluable service provided by the Tennessee Association for Alcohol, Drug, and Other Addiction Services (TAADAS) through a contract with the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (TDMHSAS). It provides a comprehensive range of treatment resources. It also offers 24-hour crisis lines to provide confidential support to individuals and families in crisis due to substance use disorder or mental health issues. Additionally, the REDLINE staff provides referrals to local treatment providers, counseling services, and 12-step programs.

Memphis Area Prevention Coalition (MAPC)

The Memphis Area Prevention Coalition (MAPC) is a community-based organization dedicated to reducing substance use and abuse among citizens in Shelby County, Tennessee. They collaborate with organizations and individuals from different sectors of the community to create a coalition to develop effective solutions to substance abuse.

Lifeline Peer Project

The Lifeline Peer Project is a program launched to reduce the stigma associated with addiction and to increase public access to support groups that promote recovery from substance abuse. This initiative has been well received by individuals in recovery, as it seeks to provide a safe and welcoming environment for people who are struggling with addiction. The project is run by ten coordinators throughout the state who are themselves in recovery and have personal experience with substance abuse issues.

TN Recover App

The Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services has created the TN Recover app which is designed to help people who are in recovery from substance use disorder or to provide information on how to help prevent addiction. With the TN Recover app, users can contact their Regional Overdose Prevention Specialist to obtain naloxone, which is a medication used to reverse an opioid overdose. The app also provides helpful resources such as counseling services, support groups, and treatment centers. With this app, users can easily find the help they need in their area. Download the app by texting “SAVE“ to 30678.

Recovery Ministries

Faithbased recovery programs

Tennessee 211

Helpline to find local resources and community services by dialing 211

Tennessee Harm Reduction

A Tennessee Harm Reduction, community-based organization that provides information and access to syringe exchange, Narcan, and fentanyl test strips to reduce the rate of overdose deaths in the state.

Find Peer Support Groups and Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

Narcotics Anonymous (NA)

Cocaine Anonymous (CA)


SMART Recovery

Celebrate Recovery

Dual Recovery Anonymous (DRA)

Dual Recovery Anonymous is a 12-step organization for people with a dual diagnosis.

People enjoying a group therapy session in Collierville Rehab through Freeman Recovery Center.

Find Safe and Effective Rehab Near Collierville, TN, Close to Home

If you or a loved one are struggling with substance use disorder, Collierville rehab is available close to home. Freeman Recovery Center offers comprehensive treatment for addiction and dual diagnosis. Our team of experienced professionals provides evidence-based therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and trauma-informed care to help individuals find lasting sobriety and mental wellness. 

In addition, our staff provides family education to equip families with the knowledge they need to support their loved ones on the road to recovery. With an array of resources available nearby at Freeman Recovery Center, Collierville residents can begin their journey toward a new life free from addiction.

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What We Treat

Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Nashville TN can change a person's life for the better.

Dual Diagnosis

Our dual diagnosis treatment centers near Nashville, TN, can help provide relief for dual diagnosis symptoms. Additionally, we screen for dual diagnosis to ensure that no patient goes undiagnosed.
Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in Nashville TN can provide relief to addiction symptoms.

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction can put a person on the pathway to destruction. With our alcohol detox and various treatment modalities, Freeman Recovery can provide relief to those struggling with alcohol dependency.
Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in Nashville TN can provide lasting relief to drug addiction symptoms.

Drug Addiction

Drug addiction can turn a person’s world upside down. Freeman Recovery is proud to provide a number of detox options for those struggling with dependency. Additionally, our inpatient and outpatient options provide further support to those who need it most.
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