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How to Pick the Right Rehab Center

Consulting with a physician or mental health professional may lend some insights into how to pick the right rehab center to meet patients’ individual needs. Treatment centers offer many options for detox, inpatient, outpatient, and group therapies. However, someone searching for the right place for themselves or a loved one can be overwhelming.

In addition, if someone never been in treatment, their experience is limited, and their knowledge could be filled with misconceptions. Nonetheless, the correct decision is crucial, and time is of the essence when someone struggling with abuse decides to reach out for help. 

Rehab and Treatment Center Basics

Quality, reputable rehab centers exist, but it is essential to realize there are opportunistic scammers running programs to benefit their bank accounts and not their clientele. The National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP) explains the opioid crisis and rising numbers of addiction cases have drawn out scammers. Learning how to pick the right rehab center will show someone what to look for and what to avoid before making a huge decision.

In addition, professional, experienced treatment teams in successful centers are waiting to help those with addictions leave addiction behind. In understanding how to pick the right rehab, it is a good idea to learn rehab basics. Someone can ask themselves, what are the essential components of addiction treatment?

Some include:

  • A variety of treatment options, inpatient and outpatient options
  • Medically-monitored detoxification programs
  • Evidence-based therapy options
  • Accreditation and positive reviews from patients
  • Professional treatment staff, physicians, and mental health professionals
  • Treatment for mental health co-occurring disorders

Treatment centers can specialize in treating specific drug addictions or alcohol use disorders. In addition, each center has ties in the community that could be helpful and add benefits for after-care options. The more available benefits offer the best chance of success in treatment and preventing relapse. Essential information for how to pick the right rehab center starts with these primary factors. 

Assessing Individual Goals, Needs, and Resources

Each addiction case is different, so there is no blanket equation for how to pick the right rehab center. In addition, no two people have the same goals or resources for treatment. While sobriety is a common goal, reaching sobriety, maintaining sobriety, and moving forward to a sober lifestyle is an individual journey.

Therefore, a professional must make an initial assessment of the situation. The professional intake worker in most rehab centers will want to understand the following essential factors.

These include:

  • Goals for the future: While addiction is the present theme of the present situation, forethought must be considered for treating the person as a whole. Many therapies center on the one-day-at-a-time approach, but detox, treatment, therapy, and future sober living are the main topics to break down. 

It is crucial to ask the patient what they want to accomplish. the patient can ask themselves, what will bring joy? What were someone’s connections, relationships, and occupational aspirations before addiction? Lighting the flame of hope and the possibility of recovery must become a reality. Understanding the challenges of someone holding themselves accountable is an achievable goal when learning how to pick the right rehab. 

  • Location: This is a multi-dimensional factor because affordability, insurance benefits, and the possibility of being close to family and friends are vital considerations. Determining factors include the availability of treatment centers with options someone needs. Country or city living, after-care in someone’s vicinity, and maintaining a continuing relationship with their treatment team if needed, also point to the location. 
  • Insurance and cost factors: Last but perhaps the most significant factor in how to pick the right rehab center is how much someone can afford to spend. Residential, outpatient, length of stay, additional medical or mental health services, and what insurance allows to prove medical necessity can help with the decision. Fortunately, many treatment intake specialists are experienced with funding options. The possibilities include Medicaid, Medicare, self-funding, commercial insurance plans, and grants and loans. 

Narrowing Down and Assessing Rehab Centers

When determining how to pick the right rehab, one can use the process of elimination to find what centers treat their type of addiction. They can also check the list of centers to be sure they hold the proper accreditations. The Joint Commission Behavioral Health accreditation is the highest level for mental health and addiction service centers. Finally, look into the amenities the center offers. 

The following amenities will allow for an environment of comfort conducive to focus, education, and recovery. Of course, these factors depend upon the type of treatment someone decides to undertake, but keep all these factors in mind.

  • Clean and comfortable rooms
  • Opportunity for exercise
  • The ability to focus on nutritious meals
  • Educational opportunities
  • Recreational space
  • Consistent supervision
  • Additional holistic therapy opportunities

Treatment and Therapy Options

The most significant factor in treatment is therapy. Addiction treatment incorporates a combination of individual and group therapies with an additional family therapy option.

When understanding how to pick the right rehab, the focus is on therapies that educate on maintaining sobriety and navigating a lifestyle that avoids temptations. Behavioral therapies are proven methods of learning positive coping mechanisms and control. 

Someone can look for the following evidence-based therapies in the center they are considering:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Contingency management
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Rational emotive behavioral therapy
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Twelve-step facilitation

We Can Help Pick the Right Rehab in Tennessee

We understand the pressures you may be under. The decision has been made to reach out for help, and Freeman Recovery Center in Tennessee can facilitate your addiction treatment journey.

Our center has the accreditation, amenities, and evidence-based therapies proven successful for a sober lifestyle. In addition, we offer professional intake team members to assist you in making your decision.

Call us today to let us help. 


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