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What is Partial Hospitalization Addiction Treatment?

Choosing an addiction treatment program can be confusing, stressful, and overwhelming. For example, what is partial hospitalization addiction treatment? However, if your search for a program has pointed out that your best option is toward Partial Hospitalization (PHP) treatment, Freeman Recovery offers many diverse group opportunities within a clinically structured program. PHP is an excellent opportunity for treatment with a medically supervised, structured day program. PHP is easily coordinated with mental and physical health needs. If you’re exploring this option, this could be a good fit.

What is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

What is partial hospitalization addiction treatment? Daily treatment programs allow patients to receive critical elements of treatment, allowing them to go home at night. Stepping away from detox and residential treatment, PHP continues teaching healthy lifestyle skills, intensive therapy programs, and a structured educational plan. A PHP could be the answer if you’re looking for a vehicle to provide life-long recovery and relapse prevention.

The PHP program utilizes evidence-based therapies, including individual and group. Access to medical professionals and newly introduced mental health holistic therapies are a consideration. What is partial hospitalization addiction treatment? A partial hospitalization program is a vital relapse prevention opportunity for those who need to work or go to school.

The program is structured to encompass attendance five days per week, generally six hours a day, and this option also offers sober living arrangements. In addition, most programs have extensive mental health considerations and encourage newer therapy modalities. For example, experiential & talk therapy is proving to be successful. Finally, in-depth educational opportunities can guide you toward living without using substances as a crutch.

Therapies Provided in Partial Hospitalization Addiction Treatment

Breaking down therapy opportunities with a partial hospitalization program can reveal an insight into their success. Understanding the purpose of each type of therapy will reveal why this program is invaluable. What is partial hospitalization addiction treatment?  This therapy allows the individual to dig deep into their personal growth through constant guidance and an understanding as to why they became addicted in the first place.

  • Individual Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). A licensed mental health professional is chosen through the initial needs assessment. CBT is geared toward changing negative behaviors and thought patterns that can lead to abusing alcohol or drugs. In addition, this type of therapy offers a safe environment for trust to be developed. In this therapy, the patient learns about identifying triggers that might lead to negative behaviors and thoughts. Then, learning to replace those negative behaviors with healthy coping mechanisms is vital. In addition, CBT involves trauma work, learning about building self-esteem, and new relationship skills. Finally, goal setting is vital in learning how to increase self-worth.
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). A form of CBT, DBT is geared toward learning how to recognize, regulate and process emotions and feelings.
  • Experiential and talk therapy. Found to be highly effective in treating substance use disorders, a combination of theories including Gestalt therapy, talk therapy, and specific aspects of CBT.  This therapy addresses denial, initiating cooperation in treatment, developing insights, and using more positive approaches in the process.
  • Group therapy. Trained mental health professionals facilitate group sessions each day. Peer support is incredibly effective for relapse prevention, building social skills, and learning how to communicate effectively. Trust and vulnerability being essential factors in the group, allow the patient to remove their walls and share their fears and difficulties.

Benefits of Partial Hospitalization Programs

What is partial hospitalization addiction treatment? A beneficial, cost-effective, flexible, transitional treatment in a structured, professionally supervised environment. Without flexibility and structure, relapse is possible. Therefore, it is essential to remember the goal is sobriety and relapse prevention.

  • Medication management is a desirable and helpful benefit of partial hospitalization programs. However, new treatment approaches are leaning toward softening the blow to include medications that are useful to counteract chemical changes in the brain that have caused damage. This benefit is only possible through scrutiny of the professional medical supervision supplied in the program.
  • Drug Testing for Accountability: Relapses can happen. Although the goal is to stay sober, patients must maintain accountability, and drug testing is crucial. All patients must know that random drug testing is part of the program.
  • Flexibility in Program Length: This is a personal determination. Depending upon the severity of the addiction and the previous programs participated in, the program time frame varies. Compliance, support systems, and the ability to manage a successful and sober lifestyle are determining factors.

What is partial hospitalization addiction treatment? This addiction treatment is an exciting, flexible, and desirable option. Insurance may pay for this part or all of this type of program. However, if you are serious about a life-long commitment to sobriety, starting on the right foot using all available tools is a wise choice. Freeman Recovery Center can help you make this vital decision while addressing concerns.

Find Help In Choosing Partial Hospitalization Addiction Treatment in Tennessee

Are you deciding to invest in your future by choosing a PHP for addiction treatment? If you are in Tennessee or looking to recover in this area, Freeman Recovery Center offers professional, flexible, and successful PHP programs. It is a lovely program with many group therapies and sober living opportunities. Contact us to start your journey now.

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