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The Benefits Of Residential Addiction Treatment

Residential addiction treatment is the best treatment for long-term addiction and is needed by someone with a severe dependency. Detox followed by residential addiction treatment has been proven successful and has less relapse potential. Those who wish to achieve healing and do the work to live a sober lifestyle succeed more often with residential treatment programs.

Addiction affects millions of people throughout the US and the world. As a result, addiction treatment protocols have become an established set of protocols that benefits those battling this illness. Professional treatment specialists, physicians, and mental health professionals band together to form a solid treatment team. Residential addiction treatment has the highest level of treatment potential, especially for those with dual diagnosis, long-term addiction, or a history of addiction.

What is Residential Addiction Treatment?

Residential, or inpatient, addiction treatment is a solid foundation of a safe, supportive, and structured environment for those who need to focus on recovery. Patients are supervised twenty-four hours a day by specialized staff. In addition, access to medical and mental health professionals allows patients to remain in-house for all necessary care. Most residential treatment plans are individualized to meet each patient’s specific needs.

Round-the-clock care allows for a high level of support during those challenging times.
Beginning with detoxification, residential addiction treatment offers medically monitored processes, some using medication-assisted processes. In addition, state-of-the-art holistic therapies are available at many of these centers. Individual cognitive behavioral therapy begins straight from detox to encourage behavior modification processes.

Group therapy participation is another prerequisite for residential addiction treatment programs. Peer support has proven to be beneficial with treatment. Building a solid support system allows patients to trust and learn how to communicate respectfully. While this addiction treatment seems intense, the focus is on changing powerful habits.

Benefits of Residential Addiction Treatment

The main goal of residential treatment is a successful recovery. When determining what kind of treatment to undertake, it is essential to realize that outpatient treatment is not a good match for every addict. After a full assessment and evaluation upon intake, the treatment team is formed and helps make recommendations for treatment options. Residential treatment is advised for those with severe addiction, long-term addiction, or a dual diagnosis.

The Highest Level of Support

Twenty-four hours of monitoring and support, seven days a week, is the highest level of support and maintenance for treatment. With continual access to all forms of help, day or night, the patients can rely on the treatment to be there when needed. As a result, a bond is formed, and positive and healthy relationships grow and flourish. In addition, residential addiction treatment prevents relapse with no chance of leaving the facility to be tempted to use again.

Comprehensive Assessments, Evaluations, and Therapies

<Residential treatment for addiction begins with a full assessment of the individual who is addicted, medical and mental health evaluation, who provides a complete diagnosis and treatment plan. Then, discussion and determination for detoxification occur as quickly as possible. Once the plan has been formed, the patient is paired with a therapist to learn positive coping mechanisms after detox. Group sessions are assigned, and educational opportunities for healthy lifestyle skills are chosen.

Peer Support and Accountability for Self

Surrounding the patient in an environment of like-minded individuals committed to recovery and developing new lifestyle skills, residential addiction treatment requires group therapy. This therapy provides a sense of community, the foundation for trust and empathy in relationships, and accountability for actions. In addition, sharing similar difficulties with addiction and how they are recovering helps them gain strength from each other. Understanding others are vulnerable and feel guilty, isolated, and misunderstood helps form a strong bond.

Safety And Security

Residential treatment centers provide increased security and safety measures. Security guards and professionally trained treatment specialists know the signs of relapse and behaviors that could indicate suicidal ideation. This factor minimizes the risks of addiction treatment.

Highly Structured Environment

Residential addiction treatment is a highly structured environment that supports those needing structure. After living a life of no control, the structure offers the opportunity to know what to expect from moment to moment. Residents know the rules, what to expect, and what time their therapy is, and the stress of managing life is reduced by having structure. In addition, this allows for focus on learning new lifestyle habits and staying sober.

Focus and Concentration

For the first time in the residents’ lives, they control their direction, and residential treatment programs offer the freedom they need to focus on themselves such as a full medical detox. Instead of focusing on their addiction, they have a positive and healthy focus. In addition, this form of treatment allows them to address their problematic pasts, develop new habits and get to know who they are. Education is power, and focusing on education helps to reach their goals.

We Can Help you Find Residential Addiction Treatment in Nashville, TN

Freeman Recovery Center is proud to offer a range of meticulously designed treatment options, including luxury rehab, inpatient residential treatment, outpatient rehab, detox programs, and various therapy treatments down to dual diagnosis. Each service is crafted to meet the unique needs of our clients, ensuring an individualized approach that prioritizes evidence-based practices and holistic care. Our facilities provide a serene and supportive environment where patients can focus on their recovery journey with confidence and dignity. We are committed to empowering both teenagers and their parents by delivering compassionate and professional care that fosters genuine healing and long-term wellness.

Finding help when trying to secure assistance for residential treatment can seem impossible, but Freeman Recovery Center has answers to your questions. We provide residential addiction treatment with a variety of therapeutic options and insurance coverage providers. Our professional staff is experienced with detox, residential treatment protocols, and after-care once treatment is completed. We can help you find the sobriety programs you are looking for. Contact us today.

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