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Chattanooga, Tennessee is a beautiful and vibrant city located in the southeastern part of the state. With its stunning mountain views, lush green spaces, and a multitude of attractions, it’s no surprise that Chattanooga has become one of the most popular destinations for visitors from around the world. However, beyond being a great place to visit, the city is taking a stand against substance abuse and addiction. The area offers various resources specifically designed to help those struggling with drugs or alcohol. From detoxification services to residential programs, rehab near Chattanooga, TN provides support and highly effective addiction treatment for those traveling the road to recovery. 

Rehab in Chattanooga, TN can help you on your journey to lasting recovery. Reach out to us today to learn more!

About Chattanooga, TN

Chattanooga is the fourth largest city in Tennessee and the county seat of Hamilton county. The city is home to four major interstate highways, with an impressive array of public and private partnerships working together to rejuvenate the area. It boasts a highly successful affordable housing program, as well as a comprehensive urban renewal plan that has been widely praised by citizens and visitors alike. 

The Chattanooga Convention and Trade Center has seen great success since its expansion, drawing in numerous groups yearly. The area now includes five miles of constructed riverwalk running through several parks and the city’s historic art district. Commuters can use zero-emission electric buses from the downtown shuttle fleet that were manufactured locally in Chattanooga. These initiatives continue to positively shape the city, making it an attractive place for people to visit or live.

Located near the Georgia border, Chattanooga has a diverse economy and many natural attractions. The region is home to a host of manufacturing and service industries, as well as four colleges. With its picturesque landscapes and robust population growth, Chattanooga has earned awards for its livability. They have received three national awards for excellence in this area since the start of the new millennium. Additionally, the city has won nine Gunther Blue Ribbon Awards for its outstanding housing solutions and planning efforts. 

Chattanooga’s ‘sustainability’ concept serves as an example of how government organizations and businesses come together to encourage innovative development. It is this sense of partnership that sets Chattanooga apart from other cities in the United States. This allows it to remain competitive while continuing to maintain its quality of life. Furthermore, its strategic location makes Chattanooga an attractive destination for tourists, entrepreneurs, business owners, and families alike who are looking for a place to call home.

Substance Abuse in Chattanooga

According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations (TBI), In 2021, the Chattanooga Police Department reported 1,894 drug violations. This was an increase of 11.94% over 2020. Additionally, Tennessee reported 3,814 overdose deaths in 2021. Hamilton County had one of the highest rates in the state with 171 overdose deaths in 2021 compared to 139 in 2020. The Chatanooga Police Department also reports that overdose deaths in the city increased by 28% in 2022. 

Overdose rates are increasing in Chattanooga, across the state, and the entire country. This is largely due to tolerance and the powerful synthetic opioid, fentanyl. As people continue to use illicit drugs, they build up a tolerance so more and more of the drug is needed for the same effect. Therefore, the risk of overdose increases significantly. When fentanyl is added to street drugs, no one knows exactly how much they may consume. As a result, active drug addiction occurs and often leads to tragedy.

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Chattanooga Responds to the Drug Epidemic

The Chattanooga Police Department reports they are changing their focus due to the high rate of overdose rates in the area. They hope to reduce the customer base of drug dealers by steering more people who are struggling with substance abuse and addiction to recovery programs. One way they are leading individuals to rehab near Chattanooga, TN is through the intervention of a county drug court program. 

Hamilton County Recovery Court

Hamilton County Recovery Court is an innovative, court-supervised program that offers individuals with substance use disorders a chance to turn their lives around. The program focuses on helping participants address the underlying causes of their addiction and develop the skills to remain sober long-term. Participants must have felony or misdemeanor charges in Hamilton County to be eligible for the program.

Research has consistently shown that completion of drug court programs significantly reduces the risk of repeat arrest. Thereby, providing individuals with a valuable opportunity for lasting change. In addition, those who complete the program may be able to have their charges dismissed or reduced. 

Finally, the Hamilton County Recovery Court relies on donations from Chattanooga’s Community Foundation to purchase essential items for participants and fund improvements to the program. These donations help participants as they go through recovery and build a new life beyond addiction.

Recovery Resources in Chattanooga

The HCCoalition

The Hamilton County Coalition team serves ten regional counties. The Coalition is dedicated to reducing substance misuse at the community level through the implementation of comprehensive prevention and intervention strategies. To achieve this goal, the Coalition works with local partner agencies to host Drug Take Back Events, which promote the safe and legal use of prescription drugs and provide information about proper disposal and storage methods. In addition to these events, the Coalition also provides training to both individuals and organizations on topics related to substance misuse prevention. 

The Coalition’s strategies focus on capacity building, collaboration, neighborhood problem-solving, crime prevention, and community policing initiatives that aim to address alcohol, tobacco, and prescription medication misuse. The corresponding interventions are carefully designed to raise awareness about the risks associated with substance abuse while simultaneously providing individuals with the necessary education and support for making healthier decisions.

Nu-Start Support Services 

Provides access to treatment and recovery services for individuals and families overcoming opioid dependency. They offer resources for the following:

  • Youth and family advocacy
  • Access to Individual and family counseling
  • Recovery services including inpatient, outpatient, and MAT
  • Transportation services
  • Free Naloxone and opioid overdose reversal training

The Lifeline Peer Project

The Lifeline Peer Project strives to address the stigma associated with substance use disorders and provide broader access to self-help support programs, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA). Trained volunteers known as Lifeline Representatives act as facilitators to help establish these support groups in their respective communities. They also provide individuals with advice on seeking treatment, drawing on their own experiences in recovery. 

In addition, Hybrid Coordinators are appointed to a specific region of the state where they focus on raising awareness around addiction and connecting individuals to available resources for treatment and recovery services. Hybrid Lifeline supports low-income families who are eligible for either Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) by providing them with access to substance abuse treatment and/or recovery services at subsidized rates.

Trini Foundation Recovery Support and Community Services

The Trini Foundation is dedicated to creating strong partnerships within the local community to support prevention and treatment efforts for those suffering from addiction. Since its inception, they have focused on collaborating with health and policy experts to establish more funding resources. Their integration of Ashtanga yoga and mindfulness practices allows a holistic approach to recovery, empowering individuals to achieve lasting results. 

Tennessee REDLINE

The Tennessee REDLINE has been a valuable resource for individuals struggling with substance use disorder and their families since 1989. As a referral service provided by TAADAS through TDMHSAS, the REDLINE offers a variety of ways to get help. One convenient feature is the option to receive referrals and information via text message. This allows individuals to interact with staff at their own pace and can be a more comfortable method for those who may be hesitant to engage in a phone call. Further, all conversations and referrals are kept completely confidential. 

Find Local Meetings and Support Groups in Chattanooga, TN

Rehab in Chattanooga, TN offers the opportunity to get clean and stay that way. Visit us to learn more.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Near Chattanooga, TN

Freeman Recovery is committed to helping those struggling with addiction and providing multiple pathways to recovery. Our rehab near Chattanooga, TN offers an array of specialized services, including medical detoxification, rehabilitation, and therapeutic services. Therefore, our clients can find a program that meets their individual needs. We strongly believe in treating addiction at its root cause. Here, we understand that recovering from addiction is often a difficult journey. But, no one has to do it alone. 

Our highly experienced team of professionals is dedicated to providing the latest evidence-based treatments as well as emotional support to ensure a holistic recovery experience for our clients. We provide a range of therapies for individuals at any stage of their recovery process. Accordingly, we have programs for those who are just starting their recovery journey, to those who may have received treatment before but need additional support. Freeman Recovery strives to empower each client and provide them with the necessary tools for long-term sobriety.

Our facility offers medical detoxification to ensure our clients can safely and comfortably withdraw from drugs or alcohol with supervision and monitoring of symptoms. We also offer residential treatment so that our clients can benefit from 24/7 care and support as they progress through their recovery journey. Furthermore, we have many levels of outpatient programs available for those who may not require around-the-clock support. Finally, we also provide sober living homes for those who may need additional guidance after completing their initial treatment program.

Rehab in Chattanooga, TN through Freeman Recovery Center can give you the tools necessary to make a lasting positive change in your life.

Effective Addiction Treatment is Nearby at Freeman Recovery Center

Addiction is a serious and devastating disease that can have far-reaching consequences if not treated properly. Fortunately, there are many resources available in the area for those who are seeking help for addiction. One of the best places to find a quality rehab is near Chattanooga, TN. Freeman Recovery Center offers comprehensive personalized treatment plans in a safe and comfortable setting. Our mission is to provide individuals with the necessary resources and support they need to commit to a lifetime of recovery.

Contact us today to learn more about our rehab near Chattanooga, TN.

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