Freeman Recovery Center was formed with the mission to help men and women recover from alcoholism and drug addiction, and to maintain lasting sobriety.

Our Commitment

Long-lasting recovery from drug and alcohol addiction isn’t something that can be taught—it requires the total transformation of one’s perspective. That is why our team at Freeman Recovery Center has developed a drug and alcohol rehab program in Tennessee that focuses on recovery, growth, and healing. During your stay at our facility you will be asked to change various aspects of your life: the way you think, your attitude, your behavior, the way you live, the people you associate with—and most of all, your perception of ‘self’, others, and the world at large. Our team at Freeman Recovery Center is here to guide you through these valuable and constructive changes to lead you towards a life of sobriety.

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Our Strategy

What sets up apart? We are wholly committed to the recovery and long-lasting sobriety of every individual that walks through our doors. As recovering addicts and alcoholics ourselves, we understand this deeply. We are fully invested in your well being every step of your journey in and out of our center. Our staff is committed to providing you with the love and support you’ll need to make this life changing transition.

Gender-Specific Program

Our addiction treatment programs were strategically thought out with the best interest of our patients in mind. Our staff developed our gender-specific treatment model to help men and women overcome their struggles with drug and alcohol addiction. We believe that having a facility that accommodates only men or only women allows for the elimination of distractions that may arise from the opposite sex being present. It also creates a safe and comfortable environment where men and women can talk about personal issues that have caused their substance abuse issue. It is important that patients feel secure during their stay at our facility to ensure a successful recovery.

Insurance Accepted

We accept insurance and are in-network with the following insurance carriers:




Recovery Starts Now!

Your path to recovery starts with you. Willingness, open-mindedness, and honesty serve as the cornerstones of any real recovery program—and our team is here to guide you through the process. Everyone needs to be honest about their problems, be teachable, and willing to take action if they want to change. If you are ready to live a life away from the power of drug and alcohol addiction, contact us today.

Recovery is possible for all who seek it. Learning to live a new way of life is 100% attainable—even if you don’t believe it yet. Today is the day for change.

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