“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning,
but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”

– Maria Robinson

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We’re a Tennessee Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center Dedicated to Privacy and Comfort

As addiction progresses, quality of life fades and we stop doing the things we love. Be the person you yearn to be: one who demonstrates love for family and friends, deeply enjoys life and follows all of your passions.

Are you struggling with drug or alcohol addiction? Don’t let the disease of addiction steal another day of your life! Begin your path to recovery and take control of what is yours. You deserve days filled with joy and fulfillment, but that all starts with healing.

The staff at Freeman Recovery Center is dedicated to providing the best of care through an addiction treatment program we believe is second to none. Our drug and alcohol rehabilitation center near Nashville, TN allow guests to enjoy a comfortable, healthy and invigorating residential environment while they actively relearn how to experience and enjoy life.

We are in the business of joy and recovery. Our goal at Freeman Recovery Center is to help our guests rediscover the exhilaration that comes with living an active, fulfilling life that is free of alcohol and drugs.

Experience the relief that comes from taking the crucial step of asking for help. Believe it or not, you might feel the weight of the world lifted off your shoulders. We know, because it has happened for us and so many of our guests. Get started today by calling (615) 645-3677.

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We help men and women recover from addiction and maintain sobriety.

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We Are Unique

There are zero distractions. Each guest in our drug and alcohol addiction recovery program enters on an entirely voluntary basis. We appeal to individuals who have a genuine desire to stay clean, sober and to become a productive member of society.

We Work Towards Common Goals

Our goal isn’t just recovery: It’s lasting sobriety. Our creative, proven solutions are carefully mapped out and followed step-by-step to ensure your success. We work closely with several sober living homes in Tennessee to ensure life-long recovery.

We Put It All Together

Just like a puzzle, the recovery process requires unique pieces that are put together for each person’s recovery. Addiction treatment is never one-size-fits-all, so our program features highly regarded and experienced counselors who offer a unique and individualized approach towards each visitor’s addiction recovery process.

The Choice Is Yours

It all starts with you. We are thankful for the opportunity to help our guests begin their road to recovery while finding their authentic selves. To accomplish this, we provide unparalleled care and guidance amid a comforting, serene Middle Tennessee environment. Start your path to a new life by choosing Freeman Recovery Center today.

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