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The city of Nashville is located in Davidson County and is well known as the capital and heartbeat of Tennessee. With a population bursting at nearly 690,000 people, it’s also the most populated city in the state. Nicknamed Music City, it is an iconic destination with something for everyone. Whether someone is looking for music, culture, or history, Nashville has it all. From its renowned Grand Ole Opry performances to the lavish Country Music Hall of Fame, there is no shortage of things to do and see. 

Nashville is also known for its vibrant nightlife, offering something to suit every taste. Music City boasts some of the best live music in the country with honky-tonks lining Lower Broadway providing endless entertainment. Unfortunately, it has also recently been the subject of increasing attention due to its alarming drug activity. Thankfully, for those struggling with substance abuse in Nashville, addiction treatment and resources can help open the doors to recovery.

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Substance Use in Nashville, TN

Tennessee is among the top five in the country for the rate of overdose deaths. In recent years, the state has seen a dramatic increase in drug-related crimes and overdoses. In fact, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation reports that 80% of crime is drug related. The Tennessee Department of Health reported 3,814 overdose deaths occurred in the state in 2021. 

Additionally, 80% of these deaths were attributed to illicit fentanyl. The opioid crisis is taking an even bigger toll on this state. Therefore, it is more important than ever for leaders and communities alike to come together towards addressing such a devastating epidemic.

In 2022, in Nashville/Davidson County there were 736 suspected overdose deaths. There has also been an increase in the number of overdose emergency calls where multiple doses of naloxone are needed. This suggests the local drug supply has more potent substances.

Nashville’s Response to Substance Abuse

Nashville is facing an ongoing crisis with drug overdoses continuing to rise. But actions are being taken by both the city of Nashville, Davidson County, and the state toward reversing this devastating trend. There are numerous programs, from government-backed recovery initiatives to overdose prevention resources. Though these efforts offer hope, more needs to be done at all levels so that everyone has access to much-needed support services and treatment options.

The most commonly abused drugs in Nashville include opioids such as heroin, fentanyl, and oxycodone. In response, the city has implemented various initiatives to tackle the issue and provide support for those struggling with substance abuse. These include harm reduction programs and increased access to Nashville addiction treatment options. In addition, there are many organizations dedicated to helping people affected by substance abuse. Some of the ongoing initiatives by the city, county, and state include the following programs.

TN Together

TN Together is leading the way in helping Tennessee communities fight addiction. This initiative provides resources and activities to support individuals, families, and entire cities struggling with this crisis. Many have seen positive changes take place through participation. Combating this ongoing crisis requires everyone’s help.

Tennessee Recovery Navigators

Tennessee Recovery Navigators are people in long-term recovery and also Certified Peer Recovery Specialists (CPRS). They meet with patients in dozens of hospitals throughout the state after the patient has recovered from an overdose, withdrawal episodes, or presented with a substance use disorder. They connect with patients through their training and lived experience. As a result, they are incredibly effective and successful in getting people into addiction treatment programs.

Nashville Prevention Partnership (NPP)

The Nashville Prevention Partnership works to protect the health and safety of its vibrant community through a comprehensive approach. They engage students, organizations, institutions, media outlets, and more in their innovative initiatives such as school-based student assistance programs and public awareness campaigns. NPP is helping reshape youth perceptions about substance use for healthier futures.

Regional Overdose Prevention Specialists (ROPS)

Tennessee is committed to saving lives through the dedicated work of Regional Overdose Prevention Specialists (ROPS). Located in 13 regional divisions, these ROPS are our heroes on the frontline who have various backgrounds including peer nurses in recovery and paramedics. They play a vital role by reaching out to their assigned communities for training events that focus on opioid overdose prevention outreach initiatives involving naloxone distribution. Training consists of:

  • Harm reduction
  • Addressing Stigma
  • Increasing public awareness

SPIKE Auto Text Program

The Metro Public Health Department of Nashville/Davidson County joined forces in 2021 with The Partnership to End Addictiontoo to help combat the dangerous issue of overdose deaths within Davidson County. Through SPIKE Auto Text Program notifications, Davidson County residents can receive free alerts about spikes in overdose activity. This provides knowledge that could help prevent opioid overdoses and save lives. Parents, caregivers, first responders, medical professionals, community groups, and those struggling with substance abuse can sign up to receive the texts.

Youth Overcoming Drug Abuse (YODA)

Youth Overcoming Drug Abuse (YODA) is an intensive outpatient program that provides young people between the ages of 13 and 18 with free gender-specific treatment for substance use disorder and co-occurring disorders. The evidence-based treatments are tailored to meet individual needs through a person-centered approach. This program is available regardless of insurance coverage. With YODA’s comprehensive care available in Nashville for addiction treatment, every teen has access to lifesaving support on their path toward recovery.

Tennessee Redline 1-800-889-9789

For Tennessee residents looking for accurate and timely information about alcohol, drug, or gambling addiction, the REDLINE provides a valuable resource. Coordinated by the Tennessee Association of Alcohol, Drug, and Other Addiction Services (TAADAS) and funded by the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (TDMHSAS), this toll-free phone service is available to all citizens in need of resources within their communities. Therefore, giving Tennesseans access to critical support services whenever they may need it.

man on phone with Tennessee Redline

Recovery Resources in Nashville

Now more than ever there are valuable resources available for people looking to find hope right here at home in Nashville.  Individuals seeking guidance and support in making positive changes have access to a variety of recovery services from nonprofit organizations. These groups provide educational programs, therapeutic meetings, individual counseling sessions, and crisis intervention. Additionally, they provide referrals for medical treatment or other necessary assistance. Moreover, for those who are unable to attend meetings in person, there are options for virtual visits.

Lifeline Peer Project 

The Lifeline Peer Project is established to reduce stigma related to addiction. Additionally, to increase access to substance abuse recoveries like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings. Representatives help start Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Celebrate Recovery, and other self-help support groups. Lifeline coordinators are located throughout the state. They speak about their own recovery experiences as well as help connect others with addiction treatment.

Nashville Recovers 

Nashville Recovers is an inspiring initiative of the Nashville Prevention Partnership that seeks to create positive change in the community. They work toward reducing the stigma around substance abuse and encouraging those struggling with addiction to seek help. This organization empowers individuals on their journey toward recovery through a speakers program of recovering alcoholics and addicts who share powerful stories of transformation before civic groups, schools, churches, etc.  

Nashville Fellowship Meetings  

  • Alcoholics Anonymous Nashville: Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a community of individuals who join together to help each other overcome the struggles associated with alcoholism. They share their stories and provide strength, hope, and support through AA’s Twelve Steps. This spiritual program is designed to free them from addiction so they can live happily in sobriety.

  • Narcotics Anonymous Nashville: Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is a fellowship of individuals whose lives have been impacted by drugs. This program provides an opportunity to create meaningful, lasting change with the common goal of abstinence from drug use and living healthier lifestyles. Members come together to share their stories and support each other in maintaining sobriety through simple principles that prove successful time after time.

  • Restore Small Groups:  A community providing a nurturing and supportive atmosphere for personal transformation, spiritual healing, and growth. Guided by Christian tradition, this loving environment encourages individuals to build strong connections with each other as they work towards their goals of well-being.

  • Celebrate Recovery: Celebrate Recovery offers a revolutionary Christ-centered 12-step recovery program. It creates an atmosphere of community and support for those dealing with hurtful experiences or negative habits. Moreover, this safe space provides the opportunity to find freedom from life’s troubling issues while connecting with others on their journey toward healing.

  • Refuge Recovery: The Refuge Recovery program offers a transformative pathway to healing addiction and its associated suffering. It draws much of its inspiration from the ancient teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, otherwise known as “the Buddha”. By applying core Buddhist principles, this treatment revolutionizes the recovery process for those struggling with substance abuse problems. 

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Nashville

Freeman Recovery Center welcomes individuals in Nashville seeking addiction treatment services with open arms. Located on a peaceful campus, this center offers 41 beds with 24/7 nursing support. Our detox and residential facility are co-educational, with men and women housed in separate wings of the building. Moreover, our evidence-based approach combines behavioral therapy, medication management, and holistic wellness programs to help clients make lasting changes. 

First, individualized treatment plans are created by our compassionate and experienced team of clinicians and counselors. In a safe and supportive environment, clients work through issues such as cravings, triggers, and emotional distress. While at the same time, cultivating healthier habits and developing strong coping skills. 

Clients also have access to personalized aftercare plans that can provide ongoing support as needed during their recovery journey. Individualized treatment plans have shown tremendous success in reducing relapse rates and increasing the chances of sustained recovery. At Freeman Recovery Center, all aspects of an individual’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health are taken into account when creating a treatment plan.

Ultimately, Freeman Recovery is dedicated to providing the highest quality Nashville addiction treatment available. With a commitment to helping individuals achieve lasting recovery, we strive to create an environment of hope and healing. Here, those suffering from substance abuse disorders can reclaim their lives and move forward with renewed confidence. We understand that the road to recovery can be difficult, but with help and support, individuals can finally make progress in their journey toward sustained sobriety.

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Nashville Addiction Treatment at Freeman Recovery Center

At Freeman Recovery Center, we are dedicated to providing superior Nashville addiction treatment. We know that there is always an opportunity to rebuild, no matter the circumstances. We are here to support individuals on the journey toward healing and long-term sobriety. Our team of professionals offers personalized treatment plans based on each client’s unique needs. Moreover, our approach to treatment fosters an environment that encourages renewal and growth.

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in Nashville TN can provide lasting relief to drug addiction symptoms.

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