Treatment Methods

We utilize integrated, evidence-based treatment methodologies to help men and women recover from addiction

Integrated Treatment Methodologies for a Successful Recovery

At Freeman Recovery Center, we pride ourselves on the variety of treatment methodologies and services we offer to help our clients overcome chemical abuse and dependency and promote lifelong sobriety. We have the ability and expertise to integrate clinical, medical, psychological and spiritual methods throughout our programs and aim to tackle addiction from every possible angle to ensure your full recovery.

Our expert medical, clinical, and administrative staff go above and beyond to ensure every aspect of your treatment plan is effective, comprehensive, and tailored to your distinct needs. Just like the individuals themselves, our treatment plans are unique. We don’t make clients fit into cookie cutter plans; we make the plans work for clients. Treatment plans at Freeman Recovery Center are customized to address the specific needs each individual has during his treatment.

Don’t know which treatment methods, therapies or programs are right for you? We don’t expect you to. From medical and clinical treatment to psychological and behavioral therapy, our team offers comprehensive treatment planning services to ensure your recovery is seamless and successful. From day one, we get to know you as an individual to begin mapping out a successful treatment plan that addresses your every need.

Treatment methodologies include:

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