Meth Addiction Treatment

Meth Addiction


Over one million people each year in the United States are impacted by methamphetamine (meth), an addictive substance which causes changes in brain chemistry which can lead to confusion, hallucinations, anxiety, violence, paranoia, and psychosis. Physical side effects of meth use include skin sores, malnutrition, heart failure, memory loss, and motor impairments. Successful and lasting recovery relies on meth addiction treatment which considers and addresses all aspects of the addiction. There are a number of ways to combat meth addiction including cognitive-behavioral therapy, individual therapy, group therapy, and contingency management.

Why do people turn to meth?

Meth addiction often starts when users seek the euphoric high provided by the drug. Users often take continuous doses of meth to prolong this high, increasing the risk of overdose and leading to dependence on the drug. Addiction is an all-consuming disease which can drive individuals to sacrifice relationships, careers, personal wellbeing, an anything else which is seen to stand between the user and the drug.

At Freeman Recovery Center, we tailor meth addiction treatment to each individual. We treat any co-occurring conditions, underlying emotional or mental problems which encourage drug abuse, and provide continuous support. Our facilities in Dickson, TN offer residential treatment to men and women with around-the-clock care and support available. Our medical team monitors the physical health of visitors while licensed counselors lead different forms of individual and group therapy. The tools provided through therapy equip visitors to not only overcome the addiction to meth, but to cope with and manage all aspects of life linked to drug use.

We understand that recovery is a continuous journey, which is why we focus on building lasting relationships. Visitors will always have an understanding community and the resources to continue on the path of recovery long after their stay at the facility ends. If you or a loved one suffer from drug addiction or abuse, please give us a call today.

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