DUI Classes

Licensed DUI Classes in Tennessee

Freeman Recovery Center is licensed by the state of Tennessee to offer DUI classes from our center in Dickson, TN.

In accordance with the state of Tennessee’s curriculum, each student receives a minimum of twelve (12) hours of instruction. We also offer alcohol and drug evaluations by licensed medical staff to assist those battling alcoholism and substance abuse or for those who require evaluation for their records or simply for peace of mind. Our DUI assessments and DUI evaluations verify the root problems at work and allow us to map out a unique path to recovery best suited to the needs of the individual.


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The Prime for Life Curriculum

These classes center on The Prime for Life curriculum, an early intervention program designed to lead students through personal reflection to help learn from past mistakes and avoid ongoing high-risk behaviors rooted in substance abuse problems. As a treatment center specializing in addiction recovery, including treatment for substance abuse and alcohol addiction, Freeman Recovery Center is uniquely equipped to provide the training and education individuals need to regain a healthy mindset and put an end to destructive decisions.

Preventing Destructive Decisions

DUIs are serious offenses that are often the result of alcohol addiction rather than a single night of excessive drinking and poor decision-making. Our DUI classes empower individuals to understand, learn from, and avoid repeating poor decisions based on substance abuse. If an underlying problem of addiction is at the root of the DUI, our expert team of counselors, doctors, nurses and staff are here to provide the support, education, and the tools needed to achieve lasting recovery.

Freeman Recovery Center’s DUI classes take place on the first Saturday and Sunday of the month. Classes are held at 101-B Main St. office in downtown Dickson between noon and 6 p.m.

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