Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Cocaine Addiction

A 2013 study found that 68% of cocaine addicts seeking treatment also suffered with at least one additional addiction. Cocaine addiction treatment is a complex process which may involve the need for dual diagnosis and treatment of co-occurring conditions.

Effective cocaine addiction treatment ensures not only an individual’s physical safety and wellbeing during the recovery process, but also provides support and treatment for any behavioral, mental, and emotional complications involved. Individual therapy allows visitors to confront and process uniquely personal thoughts, experiences, and behaviors. Group therapy provides a means of recovery as well as a community of support and understanding. At Freeman Recovery Center, we tailor treatment to the exact needs of each man or woman.

Addiction to drugs such as cocaine often occur as a result of an unresolved emotional, physical, or mental health problem. If only the physical aspects of the addiction are addressed and the root cause is ignored, you have treated the symptoms, but not the source of the illness. To provide total wellbeing and lifelong recovery, our staff work with visitors by providing the tools and resources needed. Treatment at one of our facilities in Dickson, TN is only the first step toward recovery. After treatment, we continue to provide a system of support so that individuals receive the encouragement, understanding, and outlet needed to cope with the ongoing social, familial, and personal struggles of overcoming addiction.

Group therapy not only provides a network of support, but also allows men and women to interact with others, develop communication skills, and process emotional and mental issues related to addiction. Because each person has unique needs and will respond differently to treatment, we offer many forms of group therapy. Support groups, talk therapy, experiential therapies, skill training groups, activity groups, and expressive groups provide individuals with a variety of ways to process and overcome addiction.

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