Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction treatment provides individuals with the tools to permanently recover from alcoholism. However, it is critical to understand that sobriety is a lifelong journey. Addiction is not a simple issue of willpower. Recovery is a continuous process involving support and treatment for all physical, emotional, mental, and psychological components involved. Effective alcohol addiction treatment by compassionate, experienced professionals should be provided in a facility with the means to care for the individual’s total health and wellbeing. At Freeman Recovery Center, our caring team helps men and women struggling with alcoholism find lasting and meaningful recovery.

Recovery does not end with detox. Treating the ongoing physical, mental, emotional, and psychological needs of individuals in a supportive environment helps visitors to overcome addiction one step at a time, each and every day. Freeman Recovery Center provides residential, intensive outpatient, and ongoing care for men and women battling alcoholism, greatly improving the chances for permanent recovery. Treatment is tailored to the individual to account for any co-occurring disorders and provide healing for emotional triggers, mental health issues linked to alcohol abuse, and the social pressures and ongoing struggles related to addiction.

Take the First Step

Recovery is a process which cannot be forced. An individual must make the decision for him or herself to seek treatment. Once this decision is made, detoxification begins.

Detox is a necessary, but very trying part of recovery from addiction. When suffering withdrawal, an individual might experience seizures, anxiety, hallucinations, and other side effects. It is critically important that an individual detox in an environment equipped to monitor and treat all ongoing physical needs, as well as to address all emotional and mental needs of the individual. Our facilities contain trained specialists including our medical team, doctors, nurses, and counselors. We provide around-the-clock care to ensure visitors always have a safe and supportive environment.

After detox, recovery continues. Lifelong success involves allowing individuals access to continued support. Individual and group therapies provide visitors with an outlet for expression, support, and treatment.

If you or a loved one are seeking help in overcoming alcoholism, please give us a call today. We are committed to helping however we can.

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